Marty Heem Cherry

Nappy Nappa and Marty Heem Cherry Share "BACK2ATLANTIS" Music Video by Maxwell Young

Thank you Nappy Nappa and Marty Heem Cherry for taking us back to the golden age of music videos.

By now, InTheRough readers should be in-the-know about Nappy Nappa, the bourgeoning rapper from the District of Columbia. If not, read up about his latest endeavors here.  He and fellow LAD Marty Heem Cherry have released visuals to their song "Back2Atlantis," which is a single off Nappa's latest EP "RawDogRawLoveRawGod part 1: Ascenshun"

Reminiscent of Eiffel 65's pre-millennium hit "Blue" or the Backstreet Boys' "Larger Than Life" anthem, the three-minute video features an intergalactic trip through space and time.  On their journey, Nappa and Marty are joined by brother Auto Lola to defend the nation's capital from an extraterrestrial invasion, or so we think.  Perhaps it was all a game as the Emre Yagci directed video ends with a vintage arcade console siloed in a dark street alley between garbage dumps and empty liquor bottles.  Check out the video above and stay tuned for more content from Nappy Nappa.