VibeRotation 10 / by Lanie Edwards

While most people do not have much to look forward to on Monday’s, our readers do. VibeRotation 10 is now available on our Soundcloud, and I hope it will help make this gloomy, cold weather a little better. This week’s rotation contains a chill, yet intricate vibe. I love music that features multiple instruments, beats, and surprises. I also admire those who can mix various genres into one song, because there is nothing like a simple instrumental followed by an amazing, elaborate beat drop. My ears constantly want to hear something new and different, and I try to show that through my playlists.

My favorite thing to do when creating a playlist is to imagine what it would sound like during a car ride. To me, there’s nothing better than blasting your favorite songs in the car, because not only does it sound best, but it makes your journey 10x better. Today’s playlist is for those car rides where you just want to relax and feel a sense of ease, or when you are by yourself and want to escape reality for a little while. With that, I hope you all enjoy my first VibeRotation, and make sure to follow us on Soundcloud for more!