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Female Muralists Transform the District by Lanie Edwards

Colorful mural walls have flooded all of our Instagram feeds at some point. See one that goes well with your outfit? Picture. Spot one with your favorite musician, athlete, or actor? Click. If you don’t have at least one highly saturated image posing in front of one, are you even a millennial? While these intricate designs painted on public walls serve as great photo ops, they also have a far more important purpose. They can empower a community, bring in more business, and make a statement.

In Washington, D.C., two badass female muralists are taking over the district one wall at a time. Been to the Fridge Gallery in Southeast and noticed the colorful mural of four women on a black wall? That’s Rose Jaffe. Snapped a great pic in front of the Chuck Brown mural in Anacostia? You can thank Maria Miller for that. While Jaffe and Miller have different styles and techniques, both are prominent women in the street art scene who are not only transforming boring walls around the nation’s capital but giving a voice to communities and causes that otherwise may not be heard. 

“I love if my work has a message,” says Jaffe, born and raised in D.C. “I do a lot of social justice and activism work, and I think that it’s really beautiful if a mural can reflect the community that it’s in, and uplift the voices that are there in that community.” 

Jaffe does it all: painting, sculpting, graphic design, and illustrations. She’s a full-time artist who favors portraying the female form in various ways (i.e. The breast mugs, obsessed). She is fascinated by people, faces, and the stories that they tell, which is evident when looking at her murals. With the flick of a paintbrush, Jaffe can make any wall come to life. 

“Street art” is considered to be a male-dominated scene, and the few women who are involved can often feel tokenized. However, Jaffe doesn’t define herself as a “street artist.” She refers to herself as a “mural artist,” and does not consider murals to be graffiti. Instead, she believes they are more like public art pieces.

As a female mural artist, Jaffe feels she has gotten tremendous support from everyone – male and female artists, as well as from D.C. as a whole. She is the recipient of numerous grants and is able to fully support herself through her work.

You can view the completed mural Rose was working on in the video at the Femme Fatale Pop Up Store along the H St Corridor at 1371 H St. NE until the end of July 2017.  

Maria Miller, a muralist in D.C. and Virginia, has felt that same support in the district. 

Originally a canvas painter, Miller’s first mural project was in Richmond, VA in 2013, which led to her growing interest in public and street art. Unlike Jaffe and her paintbrush, Miller uses spray paint. 

“It’s become something not so much just about myself, but I love the feeling of painting in a community and them telling me how much they love it,” says Miller. “It’s such a gratifying feeling.”

Miller’s current project is a portrait of Chuck Brown for the Legends of Go Go Mural in Southeast D.C. It is a publicly funded mural that users will be able to interact with by scanning the pieces with their smartphones. When completed, it will be the first mural in the district to honor the legacy of musicians such as Brown, Little Benny, Fat Rodney, Byron “BJ” Jackson, and more. 

“Go Go is such an important part of the community so people are receiving it well,” says Miller.

As far as being a female mural artist in D.C., Miller has had a similar experience to Jaffe. She feels very supported and encouraged. 

 “I think for the most part a lot of people are very open and receptive to seeing more female artists around… especially other females,” says Miller. “I think catcalling is the most uncomfortable thing, but other than that I just take it as I go. I’m seeing more and more female artists and everyone wanting to see more of them.”

Check out the video to learn more about these fantastic artists and see some of their work. 

To donate to the Go Go Mural, visit: 

VibeRotation 18 by Lanie Edwards

This week's Vibe Rotation is simply intended to make you feel good, especially with this warm weather. For whichever mood you're in, at least 1 song on this playlist will fit it perfectly. It ranges from Wale, Ellie Goulding, Odesza, and everything in between. The playlist also features some brand new songs that you may not have heard yet, which is intended to be refreshing and exciting. Wishing you a great week, especially with finals coming up (college kids, hang in there).

InHerRoughStyle: Cruelty Free Fashion by Lanie Edwards

Winter is a season where it can be hard to stand out. It’s tough not getting lost in a sea of neutral toned pea coats, infinity scarves, and hats. However, today’s InHerRoughStyle post will show you how to bring some life to your winter wardrobe, and how to change up your typical outerwear.

Faux fur coats and vests have become a major trend this season. I personally am a huge fan because not only are they extremely comfortable, but they can also spice up any outfit in a matter of seconds. In addition, faux fur is cruelty free, so you can still get that glamorous look without harming any animals.

Today’s outfit consists of a light pink faux fur coat. While the color pink isn’t usually associated with winter, the muted tone gives the outfit a pop while still being appropriate for the season. I then paired the coat with a a graphic crew neck, a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, and black chelsea boots. 

Since we'll all be enduring six more weeks of winter, don’t be afraid to rock the faux fur trend in the meantime. Try ditching your North Face and try something that’ll make you feel classy and fabulous. Whether it’s a coat or a vest, anyone can pull it off without having to spend a fortune. 

Get some more inspiration here on different ways to wear faux fur! 

See you next week! 



VibeRotation 10 by Lanie Edwards

While most people do not have much to look forward to on Monday’s, our readers do. VibeRotation 10 is now available on our Soundcloud, and I hope it will help make this gloomy, cold weather a little better. This week’s rotation contains a chill, yet intricate vibe. I love music that features multiple instruments, beats, and surprises. I also admire those who can mix various genres into one song, because there is nothing like a simple instrumental followed by an amazing, elaborate beat drop. My ears constantly want to hear something new and different, and I try to show that through my playlists.

My favorite thing to do when creating a playlist is to imagine what it would sound like during a car ride. To me, there’s nothing better than blasting your favorite songs in the car, because not only does it sound best, but it makes your journey 10x better. Today’s playlist is for those car rides where you just want to relax and feel a sense of ease, or when you are by yourself and want to escape reality for a little while. With that, I hope you all enjoy my first VibeRotation, and make sure to follow us on Soundcloud for more! 

InHerRoughStyle: 412 to My City by Lanie Edwards

The appropriation of men's clothing into women's wear has created an interesting dynamic. Sporting oversized jeans, dress shirts or even trousers, women have come to appreciate the comfortable and laid-back style because of the unique ways menswear alters the frame and shape of the body.

On this week's edition of InHerRoughStyle, I chose to integrate an element of America's greatest pastime, the baseball hat. Paired with an otherwise conservative urban ensemble, the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball hat serves a dual purpose. One, to relax the look and two, to represent my city (shoutout to Pittsburgh). Fashion is one of the most irrepressible forms of self expression, don't forget that even the most trendy looks can be enhanced by a personal touch!

Emulating the dreary Friday that it is here in Washington, DC, I chose to stick with an all-black look highlighted by my ASOS Chelsea boots and harem pants to keep with the urban vibes. I elected to go with a classic peacoat from Forever 21 with a modern, marled black and white pattern to complete my look.

Girls, don't be afraid to rep your city or express your interests and passions with the implementation of men's clothing!

See you next Friday!



InHerRoughStyle x LifeOfLanie by Lanie Edwards

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham

Welcome to InHerRoughStyle, a weekly series where I'll be showcasing the latest trends for you all, as well as new trends that we at InTheRough hope to set ourselves. 

My name is Lanie! I’m a Journalism and Mass Communications major, YouTuber, graphic designer, and fashion lover. I also serve as the Creative Director for InTheRough. My job consists of creating and maintaing this website, creating all of the graphics (check out the projects page), and marketing! Every Wednesday I’ll be posting an outfit in order to keep our readers up-to-date on the "life's goods" of fashion, as well as inspire you all to take your outfits to the next level.

Today’s outfit is titled Good Vibes, as seen on the shirt. Here at IntheRough we try to have good vibes at all times, so I thought this outfit would be perfect for the first post.

The trend I’m showcasing today is statement sunglasses. An elaborate, quality pair of sunglasses can take your outfit from simple to fashion-forward in such a quick and easy way. These handcrafted frames are from Valley Eyewear, a premium Australian fashion eyewear label. The black and white shattered pattern match with any outfit, and the mirrored lens make them even more intriguing and fun.

I decided to pair the shirt and sunglasses with a pair of high-wasted jeans, Doc Martens, and a grey cardigan. It is winter, so of course you’ll want to wear a coat overtop. While the outfit itself is simple and effortless, statement sunglasses can make you stand out in any crowd.

Below I’ve provided links for some statement sunglasses to help inspire you.

Until next week, stay warm and rock those sunglasses! 



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