InTheRough Style is a commentator, creator, and curator of Life's Goods, the things that evoke pure emotions. 

Since 2011, InTheRough has expanded from a strictly Nike-sneaker blog to a comprehensive website that shares the fabric of popular culture. Through Pittsburgh, New York and Los Angeles roots, the evolution of our tastes, as well as the accumulation of our life experiences has engendered a desire to share the things that make us laugh, smile, think, and enjoy Life's Goods.

ITR’s daily news section (Life’s Goods) has become an integral part of communicating the latest developments and content of music, fashion, entertainment, and sports industries to our readers. Within Life’s Goods, InTheRough provides mainstay elements, such as Featured to extrapolate on the current atmosphere of urban culture within a unique lens. Music playlists premier on the website and ITR's SoundCloud profile. The mixes are curated by either InTheRough staff or creatives we have come to respect and appreciate. The Featured section enhances the written quality of the website as it is the vehicle for original content surrounding current events, interviews, and cultural editorials. Featured is a selective element to InTheRough; its latest posts scroll back-and-forth on the right hand side of the page.

To further create an immersive experience, we have implemented The Cover, Music and Visuals tabs. Much like the other marquee features on the website, The Cover’s content is unique. The Cover is similar in concept to that of a physical magazine, as InTheRough will utilize it to showcase some of its most interesting projects. Music is a daily topic covered by the staff. The tab is available to document the music we enjoy and house other sonic delights. It will also pay closer attention to developments in hip-hop and popular music more than Life's Goods. Visuals please the eye with photos taken by InTheRough staff and other photographers noted.

Ultimately, InTheRough is not bound by the current definition of a website or blog. InTheRough Style is a collective able to craft professional and creative ideas for organizations and individuals in search of a curated experience. Explore the Projects tab to see the work we have completed.

It is of the utmost importance that the integrity of InTheRough and of our staff remain uncompromised. With growth comes change, but our goal to promote and create dynamic perspectives on this cultural landscape will remain.

Contact: intheroughstyle@gmail.com

® Images that appear throughout InTheRoughStyle.com are taken by ITR staff unless otherwise noted.


InTheRough Staff (in order): Alex, Max, Lanie, Alex and JR (not pictured)