"Pixburgh" Mixed by RB by Alex Young

 "Pixburgh" tracklist via  farESHBrand.com

"Pixburgh" tracklist via farESHBrand.com

Ryan Brown, RB for short, plays his role in the "Pixburgh" sound. His music festival, The City, presented by Brown's streetwear company called farESH Brand, gave over 40 local artists a personal audience. His brand keys on blending the scenes in Pittsburgh focused on culture, music and nightlife. Now, he uses his DJ talent to produce his first mix "Pixburgh" that champions the hip-hop artists in the city even more. 

RB hits a note when his mix starts as female MC Nay Hundo throws a pretty alley hoop to rapper Pk Delay as their respective songs "The Plan" and "Big Finessa" slam. The entire "Pixburgh" project is worth listening to below. Research the tracklist above, especially that Bill Waves "Firefly" song that RB placed in the project. 

I see that Antwon Rose growing through gardens. Flowers in the pavement. Tears that give them showers with the power and the Satan. Media lies and headlines that they routed in the pages, kill ‘em by the thousands if they doubted what we're saying. And Jimmy Wopo's got a viewing soon. The cops wanted him dead too. - Bill Waves in "Firefly"

Listen to Deluxe Songs from Travis Scott's "Astroworld" by Alex Young

 via Travis Scott's Instagram  account

via Travis Scott's Instagram account

How'd you like the-long awaited "Astroworld" album from Travis Scott La Flame? If you want more of a ride from "Astroworld," check out the rapper's radio show on Apple Music, .wav radio with DJ Chase B here. The latest episode that celebrates "Astroworld" features songs from the album's deluxe edition. 

Travis Scott - Part Time

Travis Scott ft. Gunna - Zoom

Travis Scott ft. Playboi Carti - Houdini

[songs removed from SoundCloud]

"Nickelodeon" by Alex Young


Maybe it's my ride on Astroworld remedied by the luster from A$AP Mob's AWGE DVDs, but we're putting rap in Pittsburgh on camera, just like all the greats do. Think how legendary Wiz Khalifa's "DayToday" episodes are. Let alone his YouTube channel period. The video for "Reefer Party" still gives comedic relief. Know the power of MTV music videos too. Although the day-to-day, the fun on camera shows everyone you're real. When you throw rap into the mix, it just becomes cool. Soon, see how lit the hip-hop scene is here if you have yet to put the pieces together. Already filming freestyles and shenanigans, shine your bars. This is for us.

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A snippet of some freestyles may hit the ITR Instagram account.

Get Ready for "TRAPPNLYNNON" by Alex Young

After watching the AWGE DVD volumes by vaunted A$AP MOB rap crew, let’s hype more cool hip-hop.

"Count Up" recorded by Choo Jackson, Christo, Hardo and FTR Drama is every bit of stardom and the music scene as you would expect from the next heavy hitting rappers. You can see how the rappers' styles have changed while noticing they're trajectory remains on point. The Choo, Christo and Hardo camp has a nice cache of music. Remember all three on "Chance It" from Choo's "Anime" project. More so, Christo production gives Choo's music that bounce. The last five songs that Choo has released Christo has production credits on three of them. Just slight work as the native Pittsburgh DJ and producer jaunts around the world part of Dreamville rapper J.I.D.'s tour act and music production. Hardo is going on tour himself featured in the Dazed & Blazed Summer 2018 Tour from Wiz Khalifa. Choo Jackson got concert dates through LiveNation too, and he was just in New York City recording music with ClockworkDJ. Career rapper FTR Drama elevates this song thanks to big-time features with rappers like Chief Keef. Drama mixes well with this group as a Pittsburgh flavor drips through the song. Each rapper, native or not, used city resources to push their music. Stay tuned to new music by all the parties here, like the Choo Jackson and Hardo "TRAPPNLYNNON" EP.

New Rap Stars B.C. by Alex Young

 Cover photo for "I'm So High" by B.C.

Cover photo for "I'm So High" by B.C.

Brendon Hawkins and Caleb Hickerson of music group B.C. pair for a cool song. Their effort couldn't come at a better time since the street murder of rapper Jimmy Wopo and police murder of Antwon Rose took the spirit out of Pittsburgh. Wiz Khalifa's new "Rolling Papers 2" album, especially the "Blue Hunnids" track featuring rappers Wopo and Hardo, and Mac Miller's forthcoming "Swimming" album have gotten us excited again. Not to mention the music festivals happening today in DeutschtownFreek Show and The City providing activities for the community to do. But this song "I'm So High" by B.C. puts us in our bag.

If you know B.C., the song's demeanor is not surprising. The visual artist Hawkins currently creates images for a The Tenth Magazine and hit HBO TV show Insecure campaign sponsoring a lux beach week. Hickerson, who is a filmmaker and photographer, shot the spotlight cover photo along with Hawkins for their new song. The partners' work thrives, and they wear themselves well. This fly transitions into their music.

Originally recorded in October of 2017, the flare in "I'm So High" comes from B.C.'s style. "It's Big B Big Bucks I got a lot of cash, and I spend it all on new denim for my sexy ass," B raps. Hawkins notes "I'm So High" takes influence from Project Pat of Three 6 Mafia, who Hawkins notes is an Aquarius once somebody on Instagram said B.C.'s song sounds like Memphis rap.

Follow the rapper's movements from the music to the artwork. Listen to "I'm So High."