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@ArisTatalovich Pronunciation

Fashion designer Aris Tatalovich continued his consistent run of impressive apparel pieces. He released more bags with additional clothing, like his recent “Stains Capsule” that had graphic prints of throw up or thrown tomatoes on hoodies and shirts. But this pronunciation T-shirt works as a staple in the Tatalovich fashion house.

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@MARSJACKSON heart dance

This is album merchandise you want to wear. Just like people buy the “Astroworld” or “Yeezus” tour merch, they are also buying rapper Mars Jackson’s apparel to his single “Heart Dance” from his “Good Days Never Last Forever” record. Hounds media collective helped Mars design this shirt.

Photo by  Tyler Calpin

Photo by Tyler Calpin


Reviving Real paid homage to a historic amusement park, the former Idora Park. This T-shirt honored the classic wooden roller coasters that were at the park.



This is an ode to regional slang. While one of Sakony’s friends walked around Chinatown in New York, he read T-shirts that said “Fuck You You Fucking Fuck,” and sent a picture to Sakony. Sakony liked the arrogant vulgarity from a classic New York accent. “New York got theirs, why can’t we [Pittsburgh] have ours?” Fuck Yinz You Fucking Jagoffs!



It seems this fast culture in fashion, streetwear and music has made the public dumb enough to support things we may not agree with. People will buy brands just to sport them on their chest not knowing the real meaning behind the concepts. That’s the inspiration behind Senseless’ Dummy shirt, which the design comes from a vintage Australian ice cream company.


@SOSIMO Felix the cat

A lot of S.O.S. T-shirts are good. The SOSIMO Sluggers and the S.O.S. word mark make tough designs. Celebrating the cartoon in a brash way takes the cake though.

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