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Commendations Honors: 2017   🏆

Commendations Honors: 2017 🏆


With new episodes on Tuesdays, The Burgh Boyz gathers a solid roster of local artists to appear on their show. Flack, DJ Motormane and DJ Spillz are the men behind the show. Watch some episodes to see who are the movers and shakers in Pittsburgh’s creative communities.

Notable Content: EP 25: Big on Big Featuring John Geiger & DJ Solo Dolo

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Boots to the ground, Jenesis Magazine offers critical reports about the climate of Pittsburgh’s creative communities. Jenesis was sure to hold the Pittsburgh Music Ecosystem project accountable for their impact on the music community. Jenesis content manager Sarah Bader also documents events around The Steel City and country, like Camp Flog Gnaw festival in Los Angeles. Thomas Agnew, the founder of Jenesis, created Trapology, the trap trivia game hosted by Straight To The League Podcast at Ace Hotel.

Notable Content: Will The Pittsburgh Music Scene Unite Or Miss Another Opportunity To Grow?



Matt’s Music Mine takes his time reviewing music. If you need to know more about a certain artist or album, The Mine has knowledge you may not find on other blogs or music news sites. Nobody consistently reviews albums like Matt’s Music Mine. Also, M.M.M. documents the rock bands that perform in the city.

Notable Content: Lounge Act

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NextPittsburgh does well guiding people to new, different lifestyles throughout the city. The NextPittsburgh lists have good detail, and Next is the only female owned and operated publication in the city. Keep up with the publisher Tracy Certo who has a pulse on what’s good locally. Further, NextPittsburgh’s reporting is timely to the developments and problems occurring in the city.

Notable Content: The 18 best Pittsburgh restaurants that opened in 2018

Commendations Honors: 2017

Commendations Honors: 2017


Drinking Partners podcast features coffee shop owners, public officials, artists, and other local Pittsburghers on their show. In line with local craft brewing, show hosts Ed Bailey and Day Bracey interview guests over a drink. Bailey and Bracey also created Fresh Fest, Pittsburgh’s first black beer festival. You can see the Drinking Partners hosts appear on the Pittsburgh episode of “Beerland” on Viceland TV channel. Some Drinking Partners episodes broadcast in front of a live audience.

Notable Content: Drinking Partners #184 - Summer Lee & Sara Innamorato

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With strong feature writing by Charlie Deitch, Pittsburgh Current is a “better alternative” to mainstream news outlets like the Post-Gazette or Tribune Review.

Notable Content: Hip-Hop Artist Choo Jackson On Life, Loss and Paying It Forward

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Straight To The League podcast shares stories from Pittsburgh’s black communities from those who are most active. Event promoters, real estate brokers and artists have been on the show. They also host Trapology, the trap trivia game at Ace Hotel.

Notable Content: Episode 59 ft. Virginia Humphries

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