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DanSully’s beats sound fresh like elevator music, and then they boom for lyrical spitters to carry the beat. In 2018, he accomplished his self-produced album called “Space Cowboy.”

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One800 has crafted the sound of rapper My Favorite Color. The group, Cody Maimone, Dom Pomposelli and Jeremy Rosinger, composes music that sharpens My Favorite Color’s lyrics.

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Commendations Honors: 2016  🏆 , 2017  🏆   Photo by David Peters

Commendations Honors: 2016 🏆, 2017 🏆

Photo by David Peters

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Commendations Honors: 2017

Commendations Honors: 2017


Christo is responsible for six songs on J.I.D’s “DiCaprio 2” album. Christo’s relationship with J.I.D has blossomed landing them charting records. Listen to “Westbrook” from “DiCaprio 2” and catch J.I.D and Christo live in Pittsburgh on March 9, 2019.

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YourFavoriteProducer! put in a lot of work with rapper Zende this year.

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Stevie B is well-known for producing great records for the likes of trap-stars Jimmy Wopo or Hardo. However, Stevie B’s musicianship gets better every year along with his growing music catalog. He’s the executive producer of B.Knight’s new album “Unapologetic.” In the Favorite Song category of the 2018 Commendations, Stevie B is responsible for two hit songs, Fedd’s “Bobby Boucher” and Nizzy’s “Dey Don’t.”

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