Favorite media platform

These media platforms have offered alternatives to Pittsburgh’s mainstream media companies like the newspapers City Paper, Post-Gazette and Tribune Review. This is news produced by niche perspectives for niche audiences that shine light on local talent. These media platforms build and connect culture. NextPittsburgh lists, like “10 dog-friendly bars we love in Pittsburgh,” offer a guide to new, different lifestyles in the city, and it’s also the only female owned and operated publication in town. The podcasts commended feature guests who do a multitude of things in the community whether they are artists, business owners or public officials. Also, the podcasts do well at keeping a consistent episode schedule. The editorial publications deliver thorough interviews with the city’s movers and shakers, as well as on the street reports from local and national events, like Jenesis Magazine at Camp Flog Gnaw. Further, these platforms have done well at creating things for people to do along with their online content. Jenesis and Straight To The League podcast hosted Trapology, a trap trivia game. Drinking Partners Podcast created Fresh Fest, Pittsburgh’s first black beer festival. Matt’s Music Mine throws “office parties.” Drinking Partners and The Burgh Boyz broadcast in front of a live audience at different locations around the city.



Notable Content: Lounge Act

Commendations Honors: 2017

Commendations Honors: 2017



Notable Content: Drinking Partners #184 - Summer Lee & Sara Innamorato or check the Drinking Partners on “Beerland” Pittsburgh



Notable Content: Episode 59 ft. Virginia Humphries