Funniest man on social media

The content is nutty, witty and makes you shake your head as you hold back laughter.



Flack's storylines with his toddler size action figure Ricardo are good enough for the silver screen. He’s also an entertaining personality for The Burgh Boyz podcast.

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Pittsburgh native and New York resident Vinay Umapathy released his comedy album this year called “Mumble Comic.” Find his jokes about interracial relationships. “Some white people are afraid that there’s not gonna be anymore white people left… what sort of nightmare would we live in without hockey games or unseasoned chicken? The horror,” he said. The comedian also teamed up with SweetBabyDayDay of Glasshead for a delirious sketch in the forrest. Read Vinay’s funny Tweets about New York college students, mumble rap and hypebeast culture.

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Originally a Vine sensation, Colletti’s humor works well in quick formats like on Instagram. He expanded his following from Vine and moved to various channels, such as YouTube where he has a podcast called Friendship is Kind. Also, he has a role in a parody show of “Real Housewives” and “Jersey Shore” called “The Real Bros of Simi Valley.”

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SweetBabyDayDay has it all. A spawn of Dave Chapelle and Eddie Murphy, entertainment good for any stage including music or acting. He’s got the comedic imagination and timing tying into his skits and music. His best skits are about a dad interacting with his son.

Funniest Man on Social Media