Geechi P’s Award To The Most Stylish

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He’s part of a creative clique who works at streetwear boutique Social Status, and also pushes his personal agenda on the streets of Pittsburgh. Art knows national streetwear tastes just as well as local brands, like Opinions or even his role as the model for Senseless’ Dummy T-shirt.



“I definitely wanna give a different look in everything I do whether it be music//fashion,” Chi wrote describing her style. Trying on clothes that fit her style is only part of it. Her goal is “being original and putting others on through you.” The self-described stylist and designer also writes music.

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There’s a certain suave to Cam. Look at him. He’s got a Gucci scarf on his head and Chanel eyepatches. Talk about self care. He wears his lifestyle, checkout this fit pic of a pink JW Anderson hoodie. Also, Cam designed these crazy rockstar pillows people are waiting for him to release.



Finding success in New York City with campaigns for companies like Apple, DC Shoes and i-D, Tamia comes into her own as an independent artist and model.

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Capable of captivating a room with her soft sung voice, Rieko also accomplishes many looks because she’s a professional model. She’s a great fit to work with vintage shops trying to promote their eclectic clothing options.

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He’s the authentic urban person streetwear companies try to lure with their designs and marketing. Uncle Den won’t put on just anything though. He has to believe in it. Here he is modeling Hamm Studios.

Geechi P's Award to the Most Stylish