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Commendations Honors: 2016   🏆  , 2017

Commendations Honors: 2016 🏆, 2017


Taking themes from his bags, Tatalovich’s signature begins to look like decorative straps colorfully criss-crossing an item. In 2018, he created four pillows for home décor.

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@Goodsportspgh collections

The brand called Good Sports focuses “on every little detail because they all matter,” Jacob Sullivan, co-founder of Sports, said. Quality of Sports garments make them sought after. Further, their brand presentation stands on its own as they have a pop-up shop at the Shop Zeds thrift shop in the South Side. Good Sports also turned their interview series into a magazine with My Favorite Color on the first cover.

Commendations Honors: 2016

Commendations Honors: 2016

@MARSJACKSON Good Days Never last forever vinyl

As Mars Jackson released his debut album with the MISRA record label, the rapper went above and beyond to make his project a show piece. Digital music streams dominate today, but Mars went for nostalgia and collectability when he presented the translucent, orange vinyl record of G.D.N.L.F.



Quality presents here too. Embroidery hits just about every Opinions apparel product. The brand boasts simplicity with a one word message, “opinions.” Everybody’s got one, so everybody should have an Opinions branded something. Run by “Peanut,” Opinions is only the surface of “Peanut’s” design skill. He does commissioned work for Donovan “Spida” Mitchell of the Utah Jazz, even Penn Hills high school football and more.

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@picturesofsamandco the little bear on my finger

Author Samantha Black penned a children’s book after she was in a traumatizing car accident that left her okay, but shaken. The story is about an adventurous bear who gets tuckered out from living a full life. The Little Bear on My Finger: Had A Busy Day is dedicated to Black’s children.

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