Nappy Nappa's "+RAWDOGRAWLOVERAWGOD+ part 1: Ascenshun" Out Now / by Maxwell Young

Listen to Nappy Nappa's seven-track EP available on all streaming platforms.


The Southeast, D.C. rapper cemented a momentous and prolific last four months with the release of his new project “+RawDogRawLoveRawGod+ part 1: Ascenshun” on Tuesday.  The EP was dropped following a recent trip to the United Kingdom, an appearance on Adult Swim’s Blood Feast Livestream in Atlanta, 19 original gems on SoundCloud, and an opening act for up-and-coming New York emcee, Wiki, at Songbyrd Music House just last week.

Featuring cover art that is an abstraction of Notorious B.I.G’s classic Ready to Die album cover, Nappa’s project veers towards the sonically abstract, too. Distorted, computer-sounding bleeps and bloops are common elements throughout the RawGod’s production, including songs like “1w” and “Boost Project,” a track that was first heard on In Studio Live.

In “Ascenshun//Intens Anticipation,” Nappa sings a chorus that sounds cathartic for him, blocking the “wickedry” in the world as he puts it.

“I raise my head from my pillow.  That’s when I live my dreams.”

Napito is focused on his music, although it doesn’t always come off that way.  At his show with Wiki, he was turnt all the way up with fellow LADS Auto Lola and Marty Heem Cherry, who also appear on the project. During the Blood Feast Livestream, he and mentor Sir E.U started scrapping on the floor, mid-broadcast because E.U interrupted a moment of silence prompted by Nappa himself.  These instances of chaos, choreographed or not, do not cloud Nappa’s earnestness to deliver a trademark set.  “I was sent to earth on a mission, so like Moses or Martin, I’m not the most perfect person, far from it, and I may not make it to the Promised Land, but we should see to it that as many people/generations/babies [as possible] can make it,” he wrote over email.

Nappy Nappa on set, Blood Feast Livestream

Nappy Nappa on set, Blood Feast Livestream

The project takes a funky turn with “MPH//Bend’n Forc’z,” which is sure to maximize Nappa’s energy on stage.  It’s reminiscent of Travis Scott’s “Goosebumps,” albeit way groovier and synthed out.

From the Kangol hats to the Nike Blazers, it feels like Nappy Nappa is an old head at heart.  He feels it, too, writing “#oldcity” in his SoundCloud bio in reference to the District as a once “Chocolate City,” and he signs off his tape with the bars “Southeast, South, Southeast” in an ode to Boogie Down Productions’ 1987 classic, “South Bronx.”

“I’m blessed to be from D.C.,” he says.  “I feel as though my energy/spirit to be aware, selfless and active comes from [D.C.], but it’s bigger than me and where I’m from.”

You can listen to Nappy Nappa’s “+RawDogRawLoveRawGod+ part 1: Ascenshun” on all streaming platforms now.

Look out for Nappy Nappa in volume two of the ‘Sounds of D.C.’ playlist coming soon.