Listen to the New Singles From Rob Stokes' Album Live at the Heartbreak Hotel / by Maxwell Young

Rob Stokes’ Go-Go inspired cover art.  

Rob Stokes’ Go-Go inspired cover art.  

There's a playlist in my Apple Music library called Hedonism and Psychedelics--sort of an ode to the sounds of the 1960s.  It's comprised of Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, Nico, and Gillian Hills' "Zou bisou bisou," which you can hear Megan sensually sing to Don Draper in the Season 5 premiere of Mad Men.  From Love Was Made for These Times to his band's upcoming follow-up album, Live at the Heartbreak Hotel, Rob Stokes' music belongs in this playlist.

Today you can listen to the singles "Diamonds" and "KO" that tease Rob Stokes' (formerly known as Rob Smokes Funk Disaster) album debut in mid-April.  The single cover art is evocative of 60s culture as the faceless Go-Go dancer with the clunky platform calf boots and retro patterned mod dress with bell sleeves places you right back in an era where music was becoming more experimental and loosening its constraints.

This vintage aesthetic is quite prominent in modern culture.  Whether that's amplifying fashion trends or celebrating historical figures and moments that were conceived during the decade like the Grateful Dead, Playboy and Rolling Stone magazines, or the Civil Rights Movement--there's an emphasis on nostalgia.


What drives Rob Stokes to call on these influences in his music?  Find out next Wednesday on Late Bloom via where he will guest star.  In the meantime, enjoy the sonic trip of "Diamonds" and "KO" below, and if you're in the District this Saturday, Rob Stokes' band will be hosting a single release party at Safari D.C. with special guests Ledroit, Sir E.U, Crackspliff, FootsxColes, and the Bird Hour who hail from Pittsburgh.


$5, 10pm-2:30am

Safari D.C.

4306 Georgia Ave, NW