Support Antwon Rose's Family at the Antwon Rose II Benefit Concert / by Alex Young

Illustration by Caleb Ferguson

Illustration by Caleb Ferguson

“Three shots to the back, how do you justify that?” The protest rallies in front of the Allegheny County Courthouse chanted this in June 2018 when East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld shot and killed unarmed black teen Antwon Rose II as he fled from a vehicle. The same chant rang from protestors on March 22, 2019 when the jury found Rosfeld not guilty of homicide in the Rose killing. Apparently, in Pennsylvania, and in other states in America, there is justification for murdering black people.

Unfortunately, the reality of living black in America has been grim for hundreds of years, specifically when justice is seldom in our favor. However, in times of hardship, black people’s hope remarkably remains high as we rally together.

Pittsburgh supports Antwon Rose II’s family tonight at the Ace Hotel for the Antwon Rose Benefit Concert. Presented by Voices Against Violence, Unappreciated Management, and 1Hood Media, hip-hop taps some of the city’s best artists, along with well known Sa-Roc The Goddess MC, to honor Rose. Rappers and DJs Benji., DJ Femi, Hardo, Linwood, Livefromthecity, Mayhem Mal, Treble NLS, and Victor Kivuva all perform during the concert. Jasiri X hosts. Purchase tickets for $15 here or at the door. Attendees can make additional donations at the event. All proceeds from the event benefit the Rose family. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show runs 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Ace Hotel

120 S Whitfield St

Pittsburgh, PA 15206