Baby Keem - The Sound of Bad Habit / by Alex Young

Baby Keem via  Baby Keem

Baby Keem via Baby Keem

Baby Keem brand heats up as days go on and people discover his music online. Watching his Instagram live from Pittsburgh where InTheRough’s caught the Los Angeles rapper with questions, Baby Keem said he has more success with streaming platform Audiomack over SoundCloud. His newest mixtape, “The Sound of Bad Habit” amassed 10.6 thousand plays in 14 days on Audiomack alone. “I woke up and hit the lotto,” he raps in “Opinions.” The line is such a mood for how the Internet age can affect the popularity of rappers.

One blog reported a Tweet that said, “Baby Keem gave CPR to the hip-hop game.” Save yourself and stream “The Sound of Bad Habit.” It’ll have you “shaking like strippers,” former Taylor Gang producer Cardo says in the “Gang Activities” track. Cardo Got Wings production and influence juices Baby Keem’s product. You may be familiar with Keem’s work from “Redemption Interlude” from “Black Panther The Album.” I know you heard Jay Rock’s “Knock It Off,” yeah, that’s a Baby Keem beat.

With cosigns from prominent hip-hop actors, like those aforementioned and even notable A&R Brocky Marciano liking Keem’s pictures on IG, the rapper’s music is what makes his stock rise.

Baby Keem produced four songs on his “The Sound of Bad Habit.” He touched “Xmen,” “Miss Charlotte,” which he just released a music video for, “Check Please” and “Extra.” Cardo gets credit for beats on the album too.  The hard bass kicks and cool lyrics make this Baby Keem record something to share with your friends. “I like having fun,” he exclaims on the project. Listen and read good lines from his music below. “Next project coming 2019. We on,” Keem finished.

Good Baby Keem Lines

  1. “I don’t have time for trends. Dare I say it.” - Wolves

  2. “Gang, gang, gang it get chippy where I live.” - Check Please

  3. “I can’t fuck in the dark. Either you’re real or you’re not.” - Vicious