The World Is Tedy Brewski's in "Blue Blockers" Video / by Maxwell Young

Tedy Brewski  photograph by Maxwell Young

Tedy Brewski photograph by Maxwell Young

From iconic catchphrases to quintessential Nasty Nas and even silhouettes of Vlone wear,  Scarface --the 1983 American classic film--has made an indelible mark on popular culture. 

What boy, or girl, hasn't envisioned themselves as Tony Montana trying to woo Elvira Hancock?  This is rhetorical, of course, because Tedy Brewski has done just that in the music video for his hit bop, "Blue Blockers."  On the track off Connecticut raised, Maryland-transplant's 2017 EP, Platinum Beach, Brewski raps in self-actualization, "Imma get my money up/ We gonna earn the dough/ Nobody said that this would be easy."  At the same time, his head is photoshopped onto the body of Montana who's quickly becoming enchanted with the power and sexual trappings of the drug trade as he hustles through Miami. 

Brewski's four-minute video takes us back and forth from The Babylon Club where actors Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer build up sexual tension to other iconic moments in the film, including the part where Montana acknowledges his success gazing at the passing air blimp that flashes the message, "The World is Yours..."  The lyrics and visuals are quite symbolic of a fast lifestyle defined by sex, drugs, and rock & roll as well as the depression that results from such materialistic wants. 

Check out the music video above and familiarize yourself with Team Brew's latest releases.