Charlie Scott - Mardi Gras (W/Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble) / by Alex Young

“Get a neck brace for this one.”

Quality control here. Two Pittsburgh producers who’ve been at it for some time link to flip a classic tune. Charlie Scott (C.Scott) and Buscrates, both known as DJs and skilled musicians, re-work Bob James’ “Take Me to the Mardi Gras” (you’ll know the jingle when you hear it).

C.Scott and Buscrates’ collaboration, while festive for the holiday, also speaks to a groove more rappers should utilize when looking for beats. Both men are technicians with their music combing through vintage vinyl record crates to sample disco, funk, hip-hop and soul songs with synthesizers, pianos and a handy sequencer or drum machines like the Akai MPC200 or the OP1. With the right partnership, magic could happen with these two guys producing your music. After you listen to the “Mardi Gras” flip, explore C.Scott’s “Cheap Thrills” disco mix. Then scroll Buscrates’ Instagram to hear him work a G-funk sound or check his own mixes on his SoundCloud too.

Photo of C.Scott by Matt’s Music Mine & photo of Buscrates via his Instagram

In other news, The Burgh’s hip-hop community could benefit from competition. A slew of Tweets from various rappers hit the ‘net saying “I’m the best rapper in Pittsburgh,” to which C.Scott replied, “I'm here for all this ‘best rapper in the city’ talk cause I've been waiting for cats to prove it WITH BARS.” Get your bars off or shut up. Let the music speak not your Twitter. Rapper Javed, a part owner of the Senseless streetwear boutique, replied, “Being the best rapper in Pittsburgh is thinking too small.”