Review "Finesse" by Watching EYEJAY's Live DJ Set / by Alex Young

DJs EYEJAY and Paizley at Finesse photographed by Randall Coleman of Redd Vision

DJs EYEJAY and Paizley at Finesse photographed by Randall Coleman of Redd Vision

Finesse, every bit of the word suggests a special style. Applying such a style adds dimension and flair to a particular thing.

The party called "Finesse" had the pizzazz necessary to have such a chic event name. Held at Spirit Lodge in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville section, attendees on the second floor danced and had fun under a colorful light installation. The blue hues interchanged with many pretty colors like purple and red. Really the atmosphere was like dancing under a flying saucer, or more literally a light show installed by artist Ian Brill.

This party "Finesse" presented an enjoyable atmosphere. In its second edition, previous attendees know of the event's contemporary musical setting that is provided by DJs EYEJAY and Paizley and curated by RB of farESH Brand.

The most recent "Finesse," which occurred on October 22, was called "party of the year" on reactionary Twitter and much of the credit has to go to the DJs for keeping the crowd moving. They played the right amount of new songs to please the progressives. They educated the public with unfamiliar material, and they played hits.

Gratefully, thanks to visual artist Randall Coleman of Redd Vision, EYEJAY's live set from the party can be heard and watched now. Here, the visuals give proof of the DJs' prime musical catalog, and a sample of the environment people took in. Enjoy songs like "Countdown" and "Controlla" by Beyoncé and Drake respectively, and hear new flavors from the song "Your Number" by Ayo Jay. Also, the video recording comes part of Redd Vision's "111 & 222," which exposes native Pittsburgh DJs.

Review the "Finesse" party below. Go to the event next time it comes around.