What You Should Know About Foreverkool: Before The Dirt Vol. 1 / by Alex Young

Foreverkool Records'  "Before The Dirt Vol. 1" | Album art by Travis Carter

Foreverkool Records' "Before The Dirt Vol. 1" | Album art by Travis Carter

Foreverkool friends and music talents released their compilation mixtape called "Before The Dirt Vol. 1." Fk captain Choo Jackson said in an interview with swidlife publication, "It was fun finding a pocket in what I think 2018 should sound like and what my homies sound like now, too." Altogether, Foreverkool turned up here.

The digital bop lights the way in "Before The Dirt Vol. 1."

Aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah floss everywhere

Transform, 'wanna be a millionaire

[Phil800k in "Transform" with production by Staxx and a feature by Choo Jackson]

Along with the artists mentioned above, rappers SGE Bubba, SLIM, and Shaady feature on the project. Including Staxx, ChristoJay Card, Quentin "Q" Cuff are also responsible for production on "BTD." Album art is courtesy of Travis Carter. Credit the Foreverkool mates for setting the tone and contributing to the mixtape. Local Pittsburgh photographer and tastemaker Meez of The Cultivators helped "choose the songs," Choo said on his Twitter account. Twitter has been the go-to place for cool tidbits on the project regarding who helped make the magic. Pittsburgh influence is heavy, and so are Choo's Florida roots. Talent carries "Before The Dirt Vol. 1."

Another tidbit:

"Slim always been the best rapper, he like a rare Pokémon or something you gotta catch him, sit him in the studio and he will drop crazy shit, then will be out haha." - Choo Jackson

Listen to "Before The Dirt Vol. 1" below and look out for Choo's next project called "Lynn," a dedication to his mother, on June 19, 2018.