Franchise - Corner The Market / by Alex Young

Photo by  David Newbury

Photo by David Newbury

There are benefits to a rap duo. Two musicians could present dynamic stories and styles packaged together in a cohesive unit backed by a joint fanbase. One of the more experienced pairs with an impressive musical catalog is Franchise and Vinny Radio of The Come-Up from Braddock, Pa.

While Franchise and Vinny Radio succeed together as a partnership, especially in mixtapes like "Visions From The Pacific," they also have solo outputs. How the two fare on their own is the focus of this piece, specifically Franchise and his new project "Corner The Market."

The first half of the record has some progressive, turnt sounds that some youths could relate to and enjoy. Expect glitzy musicality and rapid flows that show the mastery Franchise has in contemporary hip-hop. "50 Dimes," "Showtime," and "Confidential" provide the described energy.

Additionally, the second half of "Corner The Market" transitions to unveil a soulful and introspective side to Franchise. Listen to "Memories & Regrets" and "Real Estate."

What is so artful about Franchise and his mixtape is the control. He offers something for many people's ears whether it is a new school vibe or something chill that is pleasant to understand. He plays to popularities and maintains his sound utilizing a Pittsburgh cast, like Big Jerm and Sayez of I.D. Labs recording studio.

Altogether, Franchise delivers a strong effort to "Corner The Market," and you can listen to the music below.