Nappy Nappa Joins The Bop Wave / by Maxwell Young

Nappy Nappa's music has a spatial vibe to it.  Whether that be the reverb and synths paired with his trademark echo making you feel like you're adrift in the galaxy, or it's his crashing 808s and "T'd up" rage taking you through reentry, his sonics are not of this earth. 

However, yesterday was an exception, a return to orbit.  Drawn in by the millennium generation's gravitational pull, his latest song, "\+YENE FRIKIN+/," joins the bop music wave.  Produced by BASEDCHINK, the two-minute track has hints of those 8-bit video game sounds that have proliferated hip hop music over the last two years.  What's more is that Nappa's voice is auto-tuned, rapping about Rick Owens, Nike checks, and his "OFF WHITE soul."  This is both surprising and welcomed to hear, as this isn't a vibe the Southeast, D.C. rapper normally operates within.  It shows he's listening to his surroundings at the very least--never conforming and equipped to hit the mainstream should it come calling.  Listen to the track above.