"Pixburgh" Mixed by RB / by Alex Young

"Pixburgh" tracklist via  farESHBrand.com

"Pixburgh" tracklist via farESHBrand.com

Ryan Brown, RB for short, plays his role in the "Pixburgh" sound. His music festival, The City, presented by Brown's streetwear company called farESH Brand, gave over 40 local artists a personal audience. His brand keys on blending the scenes in Pittsburgh focused on culture, music and nightlife. Now, he uses his DJ talent to produce his first mix "Pixburgh" that champions the hip-hop artists in the city even more. 

RB hits a note when his mix starts as female MC Nay Hundo throws a pretty alley hoop to rapper Pk Delay as their respective songs "The Plan" and "Big Finessa" slam. The entire "Pixburgh" project is worth listening to below. Research the tracklist above, especially that Bill Waves "Firefly" song that RB placed in the project. 

I see that Antwon Rose growing through gardens. Flowers in the pavement. Tears that give them showers with the power and the Satan. Media lies and headlines that they routed in the pages, kill ‘em by the thousands if they doubted what we're saying. And Jimmy Wopo's got a viewing soon. The cops wanted him dead too. - Bill Waves in "Firefly"