You Need to Know Saani Mac - BLK 1.0 / by Alex Young

Cover art by  Sakony

Cover art by Sakony

Saani Mac, also known as Macroderma Gigas, which means ghost bat, is a hip-hop artist who deserves your support and to be in your music library.

Mac's new album, "BLK 1.0," carries a bustle and grim that he relates to his hometown Pittsburgh.

The first thing ears pick up is the spunk injected into each beat. Producers Axiom, Babyt33th, DJ Jaybee (another one of Mac's aliases), Linwood, and Yung Mulatto all contribute to the digital dash Mac presents.

Additionally, the 'Burgh theme appears in numerous ways starting with the cast of aforementioned local producers. Boastful pride synonymous with yinzers plays heavy too. In "UDN2K," the song starts off with a chant, "Pittsburgh, if you know that black n' gold," then turns hype and details traits of the city while naming neighborhoods like Springhill and Brookline. "My city is a big, small town 'cause everything you do and say gets around," Mac raps. Though there's plenty of Pittsburgh name drops, the praise doesn't sound cheesy. These tracks on "BLK 1.0" are turnt. Listen to "type shit." Get buck.