Benji Wild

Benji Wild - Watch and Learn by Alex Young

Rap is used as a vehicle to improve one's surroundings. Much is the case for this artist from Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

26-year-old MC Benji Wild is a native of Cardiff's Splott and Tremorfa neighborhoods and uses the environments to inspire his progression and growth needed to succeed in his musical endeavors. Wild strives for positivity with the preparation of a new EP, A Wild Life Documentary, which comes after serving a stint in prison.

The first release in support of his project is a music video titled "Watch and Learn." Visuals and the song key in on the grey days people from the UK are so familiar with and matches with the gloom of the low-income area Wild tours through. "The song itself is aimed at the people I familiarize myself with, and I hope that it makes us take notice of how our grey world can be and give us the hunger and drive that is needed to prosper and turn our lives around," he said.

Thanks to bold statements and knowledge Benji Wild drops over the grime-laden beat, the musician is primed to turn his life around. See for yourself below by viewing "Watch and Learn."