Big Jerm

Wiz Khalifa - Khalifa (Album) by Alex Young

Pittsburgh pride and joy Wiz Khalifa makes "Khalifa" a household name today with the release of his new album, Khalifa. Furthermore, coinciding with the music release is the public debut of his marijuana strain called Khalifa Kush, or KK.

Musically, Wiz's new project is a special representation of his Taylor Gang family. He sent a Tweet on Feb. 1 that said Khalifa is, "an album produced entirely by the n*ggas i started this with." The product is a homegrown, Pittsburgh sound thanks to people like Sledgren, ID Labs, Big Jerm, and Christo. Sample the song "Make a Play" for evidence.

Other highlights in the album are features by Ty Dolla $ign in previously released "Lit," and a lovely appearance by Sebastian, Wiz's son.

Listen to Khalifa in the stream below and download a copy on iTunes. Also, be on the look out for Rolling Papers 2, which Wiz said drops before summer. He told The Source, "we're gonna go on tour during the summer, so before the summer, we're gonna put Rolling Papers 2 out."