DJ Motor Mane

DJ Motormane - The Novice Tape by Alex Young

DJ Motormane photograph by Xavier Thomas of  Art Like Us

DJ Motormane photograph by Xavier Thomas of Art Like Us

In Pittsburgh, the music is rockin'. Rising stars like Jimmy Wopo find their footing and the underground hip-hop scene grows every day in front of lit audiences.

DJ Motormane, a legend in the 'Burgh thanks to Taylor Gang company and most recently his Burgh Boyz podcast with DJ Spillz, gives local music talent the shine it deserves. The DJ compiled a seven-track mixtape of hits. "The Novice Tape" introduces the city to artists worth listening to and keeping up with. Enjoy new hip-hop such as "For Nothin," a Choo Jackson and Pk Delay (congratulate dad on signing a deal) track, and "Westbrook," fresh Jimmy Wopo. Other notable musicians working in Pittsburgh and beyond feature on the project. Hear Sledgren beats and Cleveland native Shawn K lyrics. Atlanta rapper Carby has a banger in "All If I Wanna." Altogether, thank Motormane for his executive production on "The Novice Tape."

P.S. "Do The Same" smacks.

DJ Motor Mane for Pittsburgh Sound in Blogordie's New Mix by Alex Young

DJ Motor Mane photographed by  Daniel Kelly

DJ Motor Mane photographed by Daniel Kelly

DJs are powerful. They have the power of audio influence, mood, and musical selection or promotion. This power delivers on both national and local stages. Also, DJs can educate a population unaware of the music available to them produced by relatable talents, or of the numerous records that have the potential for popular enjoyment.

Overall, though, appreciation is held for the knowledge and skill a good DJ possesses.

Pittsburgh's DJ Motor Mane makes a name for himself in the city and across the country thanks to his proper music catalog and his membership as part of the Taylor Gang. While Motor could focus his song choice on national acts, he does well at supporting the 'Burgh's local hip-hop scene. He hosts shows throughout urban Pixburgh, and he has curated numerous mixtapes for the resident rap community, like "Motor Muzik."

Currently, he offers "that Pittsburgh sound to everybody who doesn't know what it sounds like," Motor says in his new mix for episode one of Blogordieradio. The city's influence can be heard start to finish with tracks from Chevy Woods' new mixtape "Gang Shit Only," from "underground boss" Truela Moses, and D. Yerk in "I Can't Take No More."

Along with exposing Pittsburgh, Motor Mane's goal here is to share new music, "some heard and some unheard." ITR staff likes "Omi Oma" by Indica and "On Go" by Surf. Thanks for putting the public on, Motor.