Listen to DILLIS' Thoughts in "Cotton Candy" EP by Alex Young

DILLIS photographed by  Malcolm Watts

DILLIS photographed by Malcolm Watts

Since enjoying some time abroad in Italy, and an opening act for heavyweights like Fat Joe and Post Malone this summer, DILLIS delivers new music.

Specifically, the contemporary musician released his "Cotton Candy" extended play on August 1 and has received success and airplay on the radio, like Hot 104.7 in Maine. Interestingly enough, the project is entirely produced by a Maine producer, GOD.DAMN.CHAN.

To public perception, it is unclear where DILLIS calls home. However, in his new song "I Don Wan" he states, "I been in The 'Burgh," and his effort with Choo Jackson on the EP's title track, "Cotton Candy," only demonstrates the work DILLIS does in Pittsburgh.

Honestly, DILLIS' project portrays the relationship between the self, drugs, and love. Songs illustrate how he confides in the spirits which "put me in my zone," he sings. Play "Fell In Love With the Liquor" to understand.

Likewise, the artists' song and music video "Love/Drugs" reveals how a person can become disconnected under the influence of drugs, and in turn, their lovers or peers might become frustrated as they want the person to open up more.

For DILLIS, love, and drugs "don't mix well. Drugs tend to put me in a bubble where I don't want to communicate. I think I've lost a lot of girls because of that. I'm a nice guy. I'm just in my head a lot with that shit," he says.

Perhaps he hopes to grow and let his guard down, though, because for a "Wedding Ring" sacrifices must be made.

Listen to DILLIS' thoughts in his "Cotton Candy" EP below and watch his music video for "Love/Drugs" too.

Father will Perform in Pittsburgh with Local Opening Acts by Alex Young

Atlanta rapper and founder of Awful Records, Father travels to Pittsburgh, Pa. for a show at Altar Bar tomorrow.

Father is fresh off his fifth major project since 2014, I'm A Piece of Shit, which released three weeks ago. The artist comes to Pittsburgh primed to share his musical catalog with songs like trap anthem "Look At Wrist," "Crush It up & Snort It," and "Lanes," a track from his newest album. Awful Records affiliates Lui Diamonds and Narf will accompany Father.

Several Pittsburgh local acts are opening for Father's show, Linwood, Javed, and Dillis

While Dillis is stationed in the 'burgh for now, he claims to not have a city to represent, yet he builds relationships and works with the Steel City's brightest upcoming talents, like Joel Kellempatches, as well as photo and car enthusiast Matthew DeSantis. Dillis, or Moth Boy, named after his debut 'Moth' EP, "will be performing a brand new track and throwing a lotta merch into the crowd" during his set at Altar Bar, he divulged in a tweet.

Catch Father, Dillis, and company April 14 at 8 p.m. Venue doors open at 7 p.m. Purchase your tickets here.

Altar Bar

1620 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 1522