Hole Things

Hole Things is "Free Doe Paid" from Taking Risks by Alex Young

Hole Things captured by Alex Young

Hole Things captured by Alex Young

"100 keys in the mail, I might be doin' life." Readers should know this statement comes from a risk-taker. The speaker, Hole Things, is in the game for rewards. He also moves to make music about the products of his life.

Hole Things, a born hustler, names "money, family, God, and the streets," as three important things to him. The streets are where this clever individual can spread his influence. Hitting situations in Atlanta, New York, and Pittsburgh, Hole Things carries the traits of someone who does whatever it takes to prosper.

Though Hole Things, also known as King Marlo, has sold out traps for years and has accumulated strong funds in the process, "music is the only thing in my life I haven't gotten rich off of," he says. Now he wants his rap career to send him into retirement from his grimy street life.

At this point, it has been six years since the rapper's last mixtape. Time in jail re-oriented Hole Things' priorities and halted his paper chase. His new project, "Free Doe Paid," is for the people and represents all of his spoils. "People want to know the trap life, the raw," he says.

Truly, the records on "Free Doe Paid" are tales about fast money. The man stuffs his pockets with wads of 'pink pussies' and 'blue bands,' slang for $50 and $100 bills. "This money is so easy to get to, but they don't want us to have it. They don't want us to come up."

Hole Things has survived long enough in a dangerous game because he is willing to do whatever is necessary. Most of his game is mental in keeping a low profile and stunting when necessary. However, when there is a snake in the grass, Hole Things and his Nation Of Gangsters will grip up to get physical.

While "Free Doe Paid" appears to be materialistic with raps about Fendi, raining cash, or big diamond rings, the music underlines Hole Things' enjoyment for all the rewards from his risky life. The message is that Hole Things sets up his operation to be "Free Doe Paid" with money, power, and respect.

Listen to the music on DatPiff here. Give "The Money" and "Hundreds" a sample.