NVSV - Villain by Alex Young

Producer and rapper NVSV [NASA] sustains himself in Pittsburgh's music community. He spends long hours at Library Collaborative, a full-service recording studio and independent record label located between the Dormont-Whitehall boroughs.

The 'Burgh has welcomed NVSV with open arms since he moved to the city from Baltimore in 2011. In the hip-hop scene, he's brushed shoulders with trap-stars like Stevie B, the infamous producer who crafted Jimmy Wopo's "Elm Street," and Reese Youngn's engineer.

At Library Collaborative, NVSV meshes well with a crew of talented artists who produce in the hip-hop and rock genres. Their space is interesting, racks of vinyl line the walls, purple hallways feature sensational art, there's a full-environment green screen, plenty of recording studios, and much more. Library is a diamond in the rough that is Pittsburgh.

Now, NVSV dedicates himself to his music and all the resources that Library provides him. Off the cusp of enjoying "Like Me" on VibeRotation 27, NVSV releases a new song and video called "Villain."

Listen to the new track and understand his perspective when he says, "I'm in a dream I gotta leave 'cause the real world never wait." ITR readers can have a thorough review of NVSV's processes, life experience, and the Library Collaborative soon here.