Lunar League Delivers A 'Smash' by Alex Young

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Feel the excitement from three best mates sitting in a room facing a blunt staring at the computer anticipating the release of their proud new rap song. Called “SKRRT!” by the Lunar League hip-hop crew, the group are rambunctious, eager youngsters with ant windu, keith.wav, Life of Swoosh, Mar The Artsit, Rue, Sobah, tvblack, and Zende. “SKRRT!” is keith.wav’s track featuring sobah and tvblack. Keith.wav plugged into Instagram live ten minutes before the new song dropped at 7 p.m. Tvblack started singing melodies to Internet beats while Rue punched a freestyle. “It’s a fucking smash,” keith.wav said about “SKRRT!” Lunar League has other good songs too. Check out tvblack’s “READY OR NOT!” with Keith.Wav or “PREDATOR!” that has the same Lunar trio as “SKRRT!”

“Lunar League Going Light Speed.”