Cautious Clay- Tell Me ft. Zeroni by Maxwell Young

Ever since we caught up with Cautious Clay AKA Josh Karpeh last April, life has picked up.  Now a graduate from the George Washington University, Karpeh resides in Brooklyn, NY tackling his music aspirations head-on.  Find him sharing updates on his travels from San Francisco for a showcase he and his other Proper Vibes labelmates put on, to jumps across the pond collaborating with UK artists and producers, like record label 37 Adventures.

Cautious Clay, the producer and instrumentalist, has released his first original track of the year entitled "Tell Me" also featuring vocals from Zeroni.  The trippy-jazz synths, which have become Clay's calling card can be heard right off the bat, but it's the saxophone riffs at the end of the three minute and fifty second track we stay for.  Listen to his new song below, and don't stray too far.  InTheRough is exclusively releasing a funky mix from Clay's time capsule very soon.