The Souljah's Playlist Featuring Wifigawd / by Maxwell Young

Wifigawd photographed by Maxwell Young for the  Uptown Interview.

Wifigawd photographed by Maxwell Young for the Uptown Interview.

Below is an excerpt from tomorrow’s Uptown Interview with Wifigawd, the underground rapper from Northwest, Washington, D.C. who’s navigating the social media/SoundCloud side of the music industry alongside performances with the internet’s next crop of rising artists like CHXPO, Warhol.SS, and Thouxanbandfauni. Ahead of his album slated to release on Wednesday, InTheRough also presents a selective offering of the Uptown Souljah’s vast music library, including a track from his old rap group, PortalBoyz (more on that in part two of the interview), as well as his smashing hit that premiered on No Jumper several weeks ago, “Sippin’ on Drank.”

Part one of the Uptown Interview featuring Wifigawd drops tomorrow morning. Enjoy the playlist at the end of the article.

On “How I Feel”

Wifigawd: That’s what I like to call arena music, stadium music.  When I’m making songs like that I’m thinking about ten thousand people knowing the words to that jont in the stadium and me not having to say nothing, just standing right there like, ‘Damn.’  Some big epic-ass shit.

MY: What do those sets look like if that’s a Wifigawd tour? Is that a stage and a mic?

Wifigawd: Honestly, I would always want the crowd in front of me, so I could interact.  I just need a gate so niggas can’t rush me, I won’t have on any jewelry, I don’t know, just flexed out.  I want to be close and intimate and have a split stage through the crowd so I can get every part of the jont turnt.

MY: Have you seen ‘Astroworld’ footage?

Wifigawd: Yeah, that shit is wack to me.

MY: How so?

Wifigawd: It’s just too much.  It takes away from the music--nigga’s on some circus shit.  If the music is hard you don’t need anything.