Woolane - STUK / by Alex Young

Photos via  @woolane_

Photos via @woolane_

Popstars from Pittsburgh live and die. Woolane moves right now live and direct. That bop, that culture of being a dope human, that’s Woolane. I could write all day about his style and glitz digital hum, but you should just spend some time combing through his SoundCloud. Sample two tracks, a past song and his latest, then go digging on the Internet.

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Woolane’s newest track, “STUK,” and “Comfortable,” an old cut, are in rotation. Both bang and shine on musical stardom in Pittsburgh. You might have heard “STUK” hyping the “Steel Teeth” film that will show how fun this ‘Burgh scene really is. “Comfortable” lit actually. Play it for your girl. “I wanna symbolize a glow. I wanna shine past the dark trap scene that got a curse on our city,” Woolane said when ITR asked why he wears a white Steelers Troy Polamalu Jersey instead of a black one. Woo’s a different mood. He’s a popstar.

Popstar is basically just for a very long time no matter what genre of music. Colored people made it. It was considered R&B or Rap when pop was a more successful genre. On the other hand, I’m truly a pop star. I make pop, and I’m a star. I got good energy when I’m on any scene even with complete strangers.
— Woolane on the definition of a "Popstar"

Listen to his music, and go to his show at The Smiling Moose on Nov. 8, 2018. Woo’s associates even carry heat. Check out “Purple Hearts” by YungDrip.