Step Inside the Trap with "Noisey Atlanta - Welcome to the Trap" Episode 1 / by Alex Young

"Trap music" to the casual rap and hip-hop fan means hard-hitting bass lines joined with a myriad of lyrical flows. But what the casual fan may not know is the drug trafficking overtones that come with Trap. Noisey's Curious George, Thomas Morton, the same man who showed us Chiraq, expands upon the complimentary relationship between drug trafficking and rap with "Noisey Atlanta - Welcome to the Trap". The purpose of the 10-part series documents Atlanta's rap scene, while Episode 1 is a Trap lesson as host Thomas Morton explains Atlanta's drug trafficking history that ultimately led to the Trap. Longtime dealer and robbery boy, Curtis Snow (Snow on Tha Bluff) explains, "It's a Trap. It's one way in, one way out. That's a trap... Where ever there's a trap there's a studio. You can't have the trap, without the studio, without the dope. The dope is what inspires the rap... Trap music is like, crack baby beats, that's what we call it. When a rapper is rapping you should be able to smell the dope cooking." This culture of moving dope and making music has been around for some time. After his time with Snow, Morton spends time with Bleu Davinci, a rapper under Black House Mafia, now a record label, but once a drug smuggling ring in the early 2000s operated by "Big Meech". Watch Episode 1 of "Noisey Atlanta - Welcome to the Trap" below and stay tuned for more episodes, as Thomas Morton will explore Trap Life with ATL stars like 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Migos, Jeezy, and Young Thug.