InHerRoughStyle x LifeOfLanie / by Lanie Edwards

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham

Welcome to InHerRoughStyle, a weekly series where I'll be showcasing the latest trends for you all, as well as new trends that we at InTheRough hope to set ourselves. 

My name is Lanie! I’m a Journalism and Mass Communications major, YouTuber, graphic designer, and fashion lover. I also serve as the Creative Director for InTheRough. My job consists of creating and maintaing this website, creating all of the graphics (check out the projects page), and marketing! Every Wednesday I’ll be posting an outfit in order to keep our readers up-to-date on the "life's goods" of fashion, as well as inspire you all to take your outfits to the next level.

Today’s outfit is titled Good Vibes, as seen on the shirt. Here at IntheRough we try to have good vibes at all times, so I thought this outfit would be perfect for the first post.

The trend I’m showcasing today is statement sunglasses. An elaborate, quality pair of sunglasses can take your outfit from simple to fashion-forward in such a quick and easy way. These handcrafted frames are from Valley Eyewear, a premium Australian fashion eyewear label. The black and white shattered pattern match with any outfit, and the mirrored lens make them even more intriguing and fun.

I decided to pair the shirt and sunglasses with a pair of high-wasted jeans, Doc Martens, and a grey cardigan. It is winter, so of course you’ll want to wear a coat overtop. While the outfit itself is simple and effortless, statement sunglasses can make you stand out in any crowd.

Below I’ve provided links for some statement sunglasses to help inspire you.

Until next week, stay warm and rock those sunglasses! 



Statement Sunglass Options:

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