Vice Sports: Nigel Sylvester on Breaking the Mold and Taking on BMX (Part 2) / by Alex Young

Vice Sports returns with Part 2 of "Nigel Sylvester Taking On BMX" after last week's Part 1 took us around Sylvester's native Jamaica Queens, New York City stomping grounds. This time around the BMX rider opens up about his brand and how he uses his bike to express himself differently than other riders. Most intriguingly, Nigel Sylvester comments on the current outlook of the BMX industry alluding to a lot of comments he received for doing ESPN's 2014 Body Issue. He says, "I already knew going into it. I was like ok, this is gonna shake it up a little bit. I think the BMX industry had more to say about it than anyone else... They look at it like, 'Oh he's gay for doing that.' I'm doing things my way." But, the doubt and hate seems to only fuel Sylvester as he continues to find success from the seat of his bike and even in other creative avenues which he mentions in the video below.