Fashawn's 'Ecology' Release Day Set. / by Alex Hersh

We’re proud to inform you that Fashawn’s “The Ecology” is set to release officially on February 24th of 2015. If this officiality is as legitimate as that surrounding the last two dates however, there’s no question as to when the album will truly grace Clouds and headphones worldwide. Either way, this afternoon we are greeted with the latest of two singles, “Guess Who’s Back” produced by Beewirks, which offers us a darker sound compared to “Golden State of Mind” released in October. Luckily, after his mixtape with Alchemist, Fashawn seems to be using this album as a way to take his step out from the underground scene into the light. Driven, and getting his reps up, Fash may very well be a common name in 2015. With his dynamic flow largely inspired and cosigned by Nas’ Mass Appeal Records, Fashawn has carved out a platform with which to impress the industry with his work, hopefully earning him a well-deserved seat on the train of recognition that until this point has evaded his grasp despite his efforts. Along with a set track list for the album, check out the two singles below as well as our and Soundcloud account.  

The Ecology - Fashawn

1. Guess Who's Back (prod. Beewirks)
2. Confess (prod. Exile)
3. Something to Believe f. Nas & Aloe Blacc (prod. DJ Khalil)
4. Higher (prod. by Exile)
5. To Be Young f. BJ The Chicago Kid (prod. Exile)
6. Golden State of Mind f. Dom Kennedy
7. Letter F (prod. Alchemist)
8. Place To Go (prod. Exile)
9. Man Of The House (prod. Quince Tones & Jo Caleb)
10. Out The Trunk (prod. Exile)
11. It’s A Good Thing f. Aloe Blacc & Choosey (prod. Exile)
12. Mother (prod. Exile)
13. F.T.W (prod. Exile)