Kaytranada - Drive Me Crazy feat. Vic Mensa / by Alex Hersh

Vic Mensa is one of the most exciting emcees in the industry right now. Another face of the Savemoney conglomerate, he’s got a versatile flow that allows him to spit on even the trippiest of productions. Kaytranada, in the same vein, presents a unique and mesmerizing style that pairs well with Mensa’s abilities. Their most recent single, “Drive Me Crazy”, follows up their late summer release “Wimmie Nah” and doesn’t sacrifice a sliver of intensity or bounce in comparison.  These two truly represent the meaning behind making art and music. With a palpable chemistry and a filling sound, these two hungry artists are taking the right steps in the music industry, and making music not with a checklist of mundane hooks, verses, and time signatures, but with attitude, soul, and an audible passion. I can guarantee that when Vic or Kaytranada release something that it’ll be different, that it’ll be the child of serious thought and growth, and that the effort that’s put into the tracks is reflected in what comes out of my speakers. That being said, I can’t wait to hear more from them, as individual artists or as a duo, and hope that they remain on the course that they’ve been traveling on thus far. Listen the new single below, and check our OfficeVibes tab for a few of our favorites from the artists.