Vice Sports Meets: Nigel Sylvester Taking on BMX (Part 1) / by Alex Young

Here Vice Sports unleashes "Nigel Sylvester Taking on BMX", a multiple part series exploring the life and career of BMX rider Nigel Sylvester. Hailing from Jamaica Queens, New York City, Sylvester is not your prototypical BMX rider, evident from his darker skin color and how he is taking his brand beyond the bike. Nigel speaks on how the people and places of Jamaica Queens shaped him, coming up in the ranks of professional BMX, and the strength his mother showed him when she was diagnosed with cancer while he was just 16 or 17 years old saying from his mother's situation, "How can I not work as hard as I possibly can every single day?" Through all of this the New York rider has garnered much success tallying heavyweight sponsorships from Nike 6.0 and Gatorade without entering traditional competition arenas. Let Nigel tell you his story himself below.