Christo, the Man Behind Wiz Khalifa's Latest Song / by Alex Young

Photo by  Gregory Neiser

Christo, aka "bounceman," is a Pittsburgh musician with a recognizable sound and a hand in a lot of songs from the city's hip-hop artists. He has hits with majors like Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and even Atlanta's Ludacris. Christo's crisp sound supports up and coming acts Choo Jackson and EarthGang.

Production and engineering credits occupy only a portion of Christo's time: he writes songs and drums. The man is truly an entertainer, his "Drake Appreciation Night" DJ set at Pittsburgh art gallery Boom Concepts had the attendees lit, or find Christo on stage while he tours with the aforementioned artists. All of these arenas play into his curated sound: moments of lull, suspense and excitement.

Christo makes headlines today because of his work on Wiz Khalifa's new song, "Outsiders," along with Big Jerm. The track comes in a string of new music from Wiz this week. Wiz dropped "Most of Us" over the weekend and "Just Because" drops along with "Outsiders" now.

Enjoy music from the feature man, Christo, as well as Wiz's recent songs below and under OfficeVibes.