"Christmas In America: Happy Birthday, Jesus" by Jesse Rieser / by Alex Young

Missouri native Jesse Rieser captures the most wonderful time of year, Christmas in America.

The photographer, Rieser, frequented suburban neighborhoods in the west coast for a time period that spanned 2011 to 2013, so says his Instagram, to portray people's festive spirit. His pictures depict an overload of Christmas cheer manifested in Santa Claus costumes, tacky household decorations and dubious moments where merrymaking does not seem to mix.

Rieser says "Christmas In America" was inspired "by the absurdity of a five-story inflatable Santa who appeared to be guarding a tree lot." While the images depict Christmas tradition, they also speak to the superfluity of the holiday unconcerned with pizzazz.

Browse through Rieser's "Christmas In America" above and explore more of the photographer's work here.

Source: It's Nice That