Kanye West-Wolves f. Vic Mensa and Sia / by Alex Hersh

In a world where it means everything to be unique and different, people still criticize artists that push boundaries and use music as a mode of expression, regardless of what form that expression takes on. Kanye’s new drop, “Wolves” which features verses from both Chicago native and SaveMoney affiliate Vic Mensa as well as Sia was released yesterday in his adidas Originals Yeezy Season 1 promotional video. The song itself and its release are both examples of his artistic ability as an ode to his development and ambition to create something different. The stark contrast between the almost church-like accents of Sia’s melodic tone and verse, and the distorted auto-tune covering up both Kanye and Vic’s voices creates a sound that is directly representative of the lost and found nature of love that they are singing about. The composition of this lonely ballad is just as two-sided as it’s content: love is distorted and complicated and indecisive. Vic Mensa’s experimentation here shows that he understands the artistry behind the song, and it’s refreshing. Whether he was instructed by Kanye or not, his versatility and his obvious expansion of the spectrum of his own sound is a quality that doesn’t exist popularly in today’s commercialized music culture.

It’s easy for people to hear auto-tune and justify it as another 808s, or hear a grimy, overproduced drum line and think Yeezus. It’s harder for people to accept it for what it is. Kanye has no tenure here, he isn’t and won’t be perfect, but Kanye has earned our appreciation and respect for this song, along with the artists therein featured. Check it out featured below beginning at 8:30, and craft your own opinion.