InHerRoughStyle: Cruelty Free Fashion / by Lanie Edwards

Winter is a season where it can be hard to stand out. It’s tough not getting lost in a sea of neutral toned pea coats, infinity scarves, and hats. However, today’s InHerRoughStyle post will show you how to bring some life to your winter wardrobe, and how to change up your typical outerwear.

Faux fur coats and vests have become a major trend this season. I personally am a huge fan because not only are they extremely comfortable, but they can also spice up any outfit in a matter of seconds. In addition, faux fur is cruelty free, so you can still get that glamorous look without harming any animals.

Today’s outfit consists of a light pink faux fur coat. While the color pink isn’t usually associated with winter, the muted tone gives the outfit a pop while still being appropriate for the season. I then paired the coat with a a graphic crew neck, a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, and black chelsea boots. 

Since we'll all be enduring six more weeks of winter, don’t be afraid to rock the faux fur trend in the meantime. Try ditching your North Face and try something that’ll make you feel classy and fabulous. Whether it’s a coat or a vest, anyone can pull it off without having to spend a fortune. 

Get some more inspiration here on different ways to wear faux fur! 

See you next week!