VibeRotation 11 / by Alex Hersh

Music has and will be subjective. It’s an art form that can’t be quantified and packaged perfectly as “good” or “bad”. Instead, this is something that we as fans can decide for our own consumption, and because of the diversity in music, we have such an opportunity to develop our musical tastes and styles. I’m not sure how I feel about the Grammy awards last night, and there are so many factors that go into my opinions about the swirling controversy around the winners and losers, that I become disillusioned with music and the industry as a whole. I enjoy music because I like the way it makes me feel. It is a simple and timeless formula that I am proud to follow, as I think it is a part of my identity as a person. With that, I am proud to list off some of my favorite, profound, and what I believe to be the most influential tracks of 2014, that deserve praise of any standard. Check out the playlist below and on our Soundcloud.