Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell - Peaches N Cream / by Alex Young

After his stint as Snoop Lion, the D-O-Double-G is back and better than ever. The proof comes courtesy of his latest track, "Peaches N Cream" that is set to appear on his forthcoming album Bush that he and Pharrell Williams have been teasing for quite some time now. "Peaches N Cream" is noteworthy not only because it is the first single to release from the album, but it also delivers a neo-disco, G-Funk vibe that you can trace back to the 80s and 90s with George Clinton; point being: your parents will love this song. This dose of funk is a product of Pharrell's masterful production work (he is also the executive producer of Bush) and melodies from R&B legend Charlie Wilson, marking the second time this trio has injected G-Funk into the mainstream, the first being "Beautiful"Bush releases May 12 and is available for Pre-order here, enjoy it below.