VibeRotation 17 / by Alex Hersh

Sorry for the delay folks. Hope VibeRotation 17 will set you up for the week despite it's tardiness. That being said, my goal with this set was to match some of the sentiment of spring, encompassing vibes from those clear sunny days to the cloudy yet serene rainy ones. There is something special about the seedlings of spring. A new energy is in the air as people shed their winter jackets, and are hungry for the summer sun. These songs, to me, best capture that spectrum, starting with some new releases and features from Yeezy, venturing on to some soulful Ratatat, and ending with a beautiful score to match the pep in everyone's step this time of year. Shout out to the outro instrumental of the playlist created by student-producer Jordan Williams of the George Washington University. A very talented musician and student of the arts, check out his Soundcloud for more of his melodious work.