'Fresh Dressed' Documentary Examines the History of Fashion in Hip-Hop / by Alex Young

Hip-hop and fashion have formed a marvelous union ever since the genre's inception. Hip-hop and rap began as a movement for African American youths in New York and Los Angeles to be whoever they pleased.

Being "fresh" in Puma jumpsuits, baggy jeans, the latest Ralph, Jordan sneakers, and big gold chains accompanied the music that expressed individuality and freedom. Director Sacha Jenkins dives into this mentality, aesthetic, and lifestyle in the documentary, Fresh Dressed. The film taps archetypes Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Sean Diddy Combs, Big Daddy Kane, and Nas, who is also an executive producer, to chronicle the trends, business models, and tastemakers of fashion in hip-hop.

Pre-order Fresh Dressed now and get it on Vimeo On Demand June 26th. Enjoy the trailer above.