InTheRough for LifeOfLanie - How To Style: Glasses / by Alex Young

Lanie is the Jack of all trades. Better known as LifeOfLanie, the YouTube sensation, beauty guru, fashionista, and socialite has the unique ability to capture and set trends-- her InHerRoughStyle features are perfect examples. After browsing her YouTube channel call her your personal stylist and cosmetologist, her inviting personality only makes her brand more relatable. This makes her a valuable ambassador for companies like See.Saw.Seen Eyewear, who task Lanie with styling five different pair of glasses in her latest video. She does the project justice from beginning to end, outfitting a blue and white romper with tortoise frames. See for yourself below. 

The soundtrack to Lanie's "How To Style: Glasses" video is curated by InTheRough. ITR provided Lanie four options of playlists to insert in her video, each trying to fit her preferred edm, hip-hop, and r&b vibes. While the video does not include all four options, they are available on ITR's SoundCloud profile and OfficeVibes.