TRASHHAND Photographs LRG's "GROWN NOT MADE" Fall 2015 Lookbook / by Alex Young

CIties were born from opportunity; masses of people surviving and thriving off a myriad of occupations, living and collaborating on streets. Skyscrapers cast shadows over neighborhoods, bridges dart across skies, and the hustle and bustle keeps its natives grounded. When the motion stops it is probably because somebody had a camera. Exploration of towns, streets, and neighborhoods present unique views to capture; the environment is a photographer's playground. Their world is attractive to the eye, it makes sense they find work pairing with corporations big and small to juxtapose products on city scenes. Employ masterful Chicago based photographer TRASHHAND and find yourself looking at commercial reality validated by the culture in the background.

Such is the case in his latest project with Lifted Research Group, a storied streetwear label. Thanks to the brand's EXPLORE MORE photography series, trash took to a foreign city to document LRG's "GROWN NOT MADE" Fall 2015 collection. Alleys, closed storefronts and iconic places around Tokyo-- like the vibrant "torii" gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine-- served as backdrops highlighting an assortment of sweats, jackets, button shirts, knits, and headwear. View some of the stunning images above and see more at TRASHHAND's site or Instagram. LRG's Fall 2015 offering is available here.